Identity terminology is very personal and over time terms may be invented, expanded, redefined, reclaimed, and discarded. This is a critical part of forming identity, building community, and accessing resources. However, no community is a monolith. When many individuals and communities engage with these terms, multiple conflicting definitions emerge for a single term, and multiple terms acquire the same apparent definition. This page will be a continuously updated reference guide linking to posts on the history and personal meanings of terminology relevant to sexual and gender minority identities.

Feel free to comment and disagree, add your own experience, or request terms.

Cis/Cissexual/Cisgender: links and discussion about gender identity terms.

Hanky Code/Hankie Code/Handkerchief Code/Bandana Code: the history and folklore of a language of image.

Pronouns and Gender: a guide on third person pronouns and making spaces more gender-friendly for everyone.

Transgender(ed)/Trans(s)exual/Trans(*): a glance at shifting meanings and uses over time.

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