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Pronouns and Gender

Originally posted at Future Summers. Edited 11/8/2018 to change some slightly adult examples to be all-ages friendly, and to clarify an awkward statement. Third person pronouns are words we use to refer to someone who isn’t you or me (such … Continue reading

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Transgender(ed), Trans(s)exual, Trans(*), and more: which should I use?

Cristan Williams has been doing great work on the emergence of these words, primarily looking at ‘transgender’: check out Tracking Transgender; Transgender*: The Rhetorical Landscape of a Term (with K.J. Rawson); and Transgender Timeline. Same with Zagria, whose Cross-Gender, Transgender, … Continue reading

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Terminology: Cis/Cissexual/Cisgender

These terms have been in use in activist and academic communities since at least the mid-1990s, but have only recently entered the popular lexicon.  When Facebook created multiple gender options in February this year (Weber, 2014), there was mass confusion … Continue reading

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Hanky Code: Folklore, Language, and Leather

This is the first in a series of posts looking at history and usage of terminology relevant to sexual and gender minorities. I first encountered hanky code (or hankie code, or handkerchief code, or bandana code) at a gay sex … Continue reading

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