Posts are categorized by format, with the following broad categories:

  • Article. This means scholarly or popular articles from journals, magazines, or blogs.
  • Fiction. Can refer to popular, classic, or graphic novels.
  • Film and Television. Any fiction film, documentary, or television series, whether Internet-based or through traditional channels.
  • Independent Publication. Any independently published text including zines, comics, chapbooks, or other indy or DIY resource.
  • Nonfiction. Can refer to popular, classic, or graphic nonfiction books.
  • Terminology. A series of posts exploring the history and popular usage or acronyms and terms. Meant to be a discussion rather than a definition.
  • Web Resource. Government websites, social media platforms, nonprofit organizations, and any other Internet-based resource that doesn’t fall under the Film and Television category.

Posts are further categorized with tags to enable easy searching and discovery on the site, as well as to help readers locate similar resources.  There are three kinds of tags:

  • Library of Congress Subject Headings. Library materials are formally cataloged to aid in organizing and locating resources.  Subject headings are taken from a list known as a controlled vocabulary or thesaurus.  We tag posts with Library of Congress Subject Headings to help readers understand how items are cataloged and to find similar resources.  These tags will be preceded with “LCSH.”
  • Audience Level. When an item is intended for a specific audience, such as a picture book for young children, we tag the post according to the intended age of the audience.
  • Keywords. Often, Library of Congress Subject Headings do not really describe an item fully, or may use outdated language. We use keywords to tag posts with more clearly descriptive terms.  In addition, we use the tags “Highly Recommended” to indicate resources that we feel are really excellent; and “Study Guide” to help educators create resource lists or lesson plans.


–Last updated 12/30/2013 by Charlie and Zeo