We moderate comments, aiming for a balance between the goals of a safe space and the reality that no space can be safe for everyone. This means:

  • We welcome challenging conversations and different points of view. Our focus is on increasing exposure to different experiences, not on resolving disagreement.
  • Speak from your own experience and assume others are speaking from theirs.
  • You’re not obliged to declare your identity; don’t ask others to do so, don’t assume anyone’s identity, don’t tell anyone their identity is wrong, and don’t try to define how others should experience their identities.
  • Respect that sexual minority is not the same as gender minority, and media we look at may be about one or both.
  • Respect that shared identity means common experiences, not universal ones.
  • Off-topic happens, but a majority of comments should stay on topic.
  • Posts may be shared in classroom settings or otherwise disseminated as a resource. By commenting you consent to your comment being included with the post.
  • Commenting without a login is turned off to minimize spam and throwaway comments, but you’re welcome to use an anonymous login.
  • No attacks, threats, name-calling, flaming, trolling, or other behavior intended to shut down conversation, education, and bridge-building. Clear intent or repeated willful ignorance will result in banning. Otherwise we stick to our focus of education and sharing of experiences.

–Last updated 12/30/2013 by Charlie and Zeo