Independent Voices Collection LGBT Series

Independent Voices Collection: An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press. LGBT Series.

Independent Voices is an open access digital collection of alternative press periodicals. Periodicals include newspapers, magazines, and journals. Series include Black American, Campus Underground, Feminist, GI Press, LGBT, Latino, Little Magazine, Native American, and Right-Wing. Periodicals come from libraries and archives special collections and are made available by Reveal Digital.

The LGBT series includes the following titles: Come Out!, Common Lives/Lesbian Lives, Conditions, Detroit Gay Liberator, The Detroit Liberator, DYKE, Dykes & Gorgons, The Furies, The Gay Alternative, Gay Flames, The Gay Liberator, Lavender Vision,  Lavender Woman, Lesbian Connection, The Lesbian Tide, Motive (Feminist), New Gay Life, ONE, The Open Road, Outlook, Philadelphia Gay News, The Phoenix, Sinister Wisdom, Tangents, and The Tide. Publication dates range from 1954 to 1996.

You can find these titles by clicking “Series” on the upper horizontal navigation bar, then selecting LGBT from the list. From there, explore individual titles by clicking on the publication name and then selecting an issue to peruse. The interface is a little clunky, unfortunately. You can zoom in and out on the digitized pages and drag them around in order to find the next page. Or you can click each page and read the transcription on the left pane.

What you can’t do is download a full PDF file; you can download page by page, however. This may be your best bet for reading these titles. The transcriptions are machine-created and leave a lot to be desired. Headings and page numbers are not styled and some words are inaccurate. Still, this collection is a fascinating snapshot of the feminist and queer politics of the given time periods.

How to find the LGBT series:

A screenshot of the front page of the website, with a circle around and arrow pointing to "Series."

A screenshot of the Series page with a circle around and arrow pointing to LGBT.

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