The Adventures of Honey & Leon

Cumming, Alan (Author) and Grant Shaffer (Illustrator). The Adventures of Honey & Leon. New York: Random House, 2017.

Watercolor picture of two cute dogs, one large and one small, sitting on luggage. Fancy blue text reads "The Adventures of Honey and Leon."

Honey is a large rescue mutt and Leon is a tiny Chihuahua. They are both adorable, with fluffy fur and sweet doggy smiles. They live with their two dads in New York City. Their lives are wonderful, but the two pooches are concerned because their dads travel a lot, which means they can’t protect them.

When their dads go on a trip to France, Honey and Leon decide to follow them in disguise and secretly guard them. Thus begins a fun and exciting adventure, where the dogs thwart a baggage thief and avert a boat accident. When Honey can’t help but strut her stuff on the red carpet and becomes a star overnight, they must keep all news away from their dads! Little do they know that the dads knew all along that they were being followed.

This is a heartwarming tale of love and devotion, with fun, accessible writing and gorgeous watercolor and ink illustrations. I like that it’s not an Issue Book; there’s no mention of having two dads being unusual in any way. The focus is on the dogs and their adventure.

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