Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic

Hill-Meyer, Tobi (Editor). Nerve Endings: The New Trans Erotic. New York: Instar Books, 2017.

A brown-skinned transfemme laying on their back. Their eyes are closed, their mouth is open, and their hands are in their pants. A Hitachi Magic Wand rests on the bed next to them.

This collection of short stories is a rarity: erotica by trans people, about trans people, for trans people. So often, trans bodies are commodified and fetishized by cisgender people; both in pornography and socio-legally. Nerve Endings proudly presents 30 unique trans narratives that run the gamut of sexualities, genders, romantic/sexual behaviors, and literary genres.

Because this is a diverse compilation, not every story will grab every reader—but there is something for everyone. As a sci-fi and fantasy fan, I particularly enjoyed “Singularity” by Katherine Cross, “To Rebalance the Body” by Bogi Takács, and “Welcome” by Rachel K. Zall.

Tobi Hill-Meyer, who edited this volume (and contributed a story), is a multiracial trans woman who produces feminist porn, facilitates trainings and workshops on LGBTQ and feminist issues, and is a prolific writer and performer.

Content note: All of the stories involve sexual behavior; some readers may find some of the scenes upsetting. Common triggers include sexual assault, transphobia, non-negotiated kink, whorephobia, heavy BDSM, and transmisogynist violence.


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