Life of Bria

Symington, Sabrina. 2015-Ongoing. Life of Bria [Webcomic].

Life of Bria banner image, with a bustling group of her comic characters, including dinosaurs, ninjas, and Bria herself with trademark feather earring and bicycle gloves.

Life of Bria starts with a surreal four-panel gag featuring Watchmen antihero Rorschach washing his hands with a bar of soap. The last panel has ominous text reading “Who Washes the Washers.” Understanding the pun requires specific popular culture knowledge; finding it funny requires a somewhat odd sense of humor. The in-joke quality and Bronze Age visual flair establish the tone of this webcomic series.

In Life of Bria, the subject matter fluctuates between idiosyncratic geekery and gender transition. In a given week, Symington might publish a slapstick dinosaur joke, an advice comic about bodybuilding, and a memory of being misgendered in early transition. The emotional tone ranges between heartbreaking, inspiring, and goofy. All seem deeply personal—even the nerdy puns reveal Symington’s personality.

While not every reader will be excited about ninjas and dinosaurs, I think that many transgender people, especially women and femmes, will appreciate Symington’s take on transition, dating, passing, fear of violence, and representation in media.

Check out her website! Besides Life of Bria, Symington has also published a number of graphic novels and also offers very reasonable freelance illustration services.

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