Donovan’s Big Day

Newman, Lesléa (Author) and Dutton, Mike (Illustrator). (2011). Donovan’s Big Day. New York, NY: Tricycle Press.

Book cover with young child wearing a suit and red bowtie, smiling and looking slightly to the right.

From the author of Heather Has Two Mommies comes another heartwarming picture book about a queer family just doing regular family things.  Through delightful prose and lovely illustrations, Donovan’s Big Day describes a very full day of preparation before the wedding ceremony of Donovan’s mothers, where he has the very important job of carefully giving them their rings.

The writing is lilting and poetic and very relatable for children—Donovan has grandparents and a dog and has to be vigilant not to wrinkle his nice clothing.  The art is very engaging as well, and young readers will have fun spotting all the details (clothing, people, pictures on the wall, toys in the bedroom).

Newman says of her decision to write this book, “I wanted to write a book that captured all the joy of that day for children who have two moms who make a lifetime commitment to each other.”  I liked to see a loving family celebration from the point of view of the child, and how nice that other children in queer families will have the chance to see their own experiences validated.

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