Robot Hugs

Robot Hugs. (2009-2014). [Webcomic].

Robot Hugs is a webcomic that updates roughly twice weekly. The creator, RH, identifies as genderqueer and non-binary and prefers gender neutral pronouns “they” or “zie/zir.” The comic is sometimes whimsical (adorable cats!) and sometimes heartbreaking (transphobia and erasure in the workplace). Content is generally journalistic, commenting on current events such as violence against women in the media; and autobiographical, revealing what’s going in RH’s personal life. Primary themes include gender, sexuality, depression, and cats.

The art is simple and bright, and I really appreciate the diversity of the human form. There are fat and thin bodies, bodies with and without disabilities, bodies of varying skin colors, and visual identity markers such as clothing and hair styles. RH is portrayed with short blue hair and I find it very cool how much expression can be conveyed with simple, somewhat thick lines.

Because the comic occasionally delves into semi-graphic discussion and depiction of human sexuality, tweens and younger should be cautious about strips labeled NSFW (not safe for work). But in general, I think Robot Hugs is perfectly appropriate for all ages who can understand and enjoy exploration of identity.

About Charlie McNabb

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